Carla Francesca Parachini


Gallery owners, art collectors, and decorators will find my artistic approach unique and well-centered in the artistic tradition of both fine and decorative art that celebrates natural themes. Today images depicting natural objects and phenomena are exhibited in noted museums and galleries.  Contemporary versions of Still Life mixed-media compositions and abstract or impressionistic botanical Illustrations appeal to a wide range of collectors and decorators. These works of art are appreciated by art collectors and displayed in both traditional and modern homes, as well as public spaces- shops, restaurants, and corporate settings. My art work – which brings nature inside — is at home in formal and informal settings.

Commissions and custom work are welcomed. Having been a producer-designer myself artistic collaboration is appealing and exciting to me. I am particularly interested in working with individual clients, decorators and/or event planners who desire unique decorative art work for special occasions (installations, center pieces, wall art, etc.). I also collaborate with decorators who have clients seeking art work to enhance their homes, shops, restaurants, and event spaces. I would be willing to visit these locations to consult with clients and/or planners to achieve the decorative aesthetic they desire.

I invite face-to face appointments and/or visits to my barn studio in the beatific Berkshires, telephone conversations and email inquiries from collectors, gallery-owners, art dealers, decorators, and event planners who want to learn more about my work. I enjoy doing technical workshops, lectures and gallery talks in connection with individual or group exhibits.