Pods I ~ Nature Morte

Pods I ~ Nature Morte

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Pods I is a large composition with reeds and milkweed pods suggesting a wild windswept arrangement. Eucalyptus and magnolia pods, along with cactus claws and day lily petals add texture and dimension. Blue corn and hydrangea flower petals soften the background along with layers of dried baked magnolia leaves. The structure supporting the arrangements is made of tree lichen, reindeer moss, eucalyptus pods, and artichoke leaves. The round shells are created from artichoke seed husks suggesting a nest embedded in the structure. The composition is glazed to preserve the colors and strengthen the natural elements. Opalescent paint pigments and high gloss lacquer enhances and preserves the natural colors and strengthens the delicate botanical elements.

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Dimensions 21 × 17 in
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